Fine Definitions

My name is Rachel Thatcher, I am a professionally trained and qualified semi-permanent make-up artist.

Semi-permanent make up defines your eyebrows, eyelids and/or lips and make them look beautiful and glamorous. I can create and infinite variety of shapes and colours. For the very best results each procedure requires just 2 visits to my salon within 6 weeks of each other.


I love creating lasting beauty and making my clients feel good about themselves.


So allow yourself to be pampered by me!


All clients have a no obligation, free of charge initial consultation. We will discuss all of your requirements and I will recommend the perfect shape and colouring for your treatment. The semi-permanent make up will match your natural skin tone and give you the look you desire.


Treatments take around 2 hours, but the effects last for 2 to 3 years, giving a lasting look that is maintenance and worry free. That is why semi-permanent make up is so popular with busy celebrities e.g. Steffi Graff, Madonna, Jane Fonda.


Besides saving the time needed for daily make up application, semi-permanent make up can be invaluable for individuals who may not be able to apply normal daily make up e.g. Parkinson’s’ sufferers.


Everyone loves the results –

“Wake up with make-up”

- is the way forward for our busy lives.

Please contact me to discuss treatments and any questions you may have.